Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Not Like I Killed 12,400 or Anything

Let's do the math. 10-years in prison or about 3,653 days all in. 12,340 dead or at least that's the number you'll admit to. That'd work out to about three and a half murder victims a day for each day you've spent in the slammer.

But hey, enough's enough already!

Khmer Rouge mega-murderer and torturer-in-chief Kaing Guek Eav knows it wasn't right to execute 12,340 innocents and, okay, it wasn't right to torture the hell out of them first either. But it's not like they had to spend ten years in prison, is it?

In wrapping up his mea culpa, "Comrade Duch" as he was known in his wild child days asked the court to consider his cooperation and his sincere apology and the 10-years he's already spent behind bars and - release him. Duch's lawyer clarified he was indeed asking for an outright acquittal.

I'm betting there's no acquittal in store for Comrade Duch. The prosecution is leaning more toward something in the range of another 40-years for the 67-year old monster.

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