Monday, November 06, 2017

Is Trump Channeling the Spirit of Richard Nixon?

If there's one thing Donald Trump knows, it's ratings. Whenever his TV faux-reality show comes up he comes out with some line about his incomparable ratings.

Well he's got a different show now and, this time, his ratings are terrible and worsening. Right now, among Republicans, Trump's approval numbers are a little worse than Richard Nixon's were  at their nadir when Watergate drove Nixon to resign.

This is a bad place for The Donald to be in especially this early in his first term with Republican voters taking their leave, Congressional Republicans in a surly mood, a party that cannot pass any significant legislation and prosecutors closing in from all sides.

There's a slowly building chorus calling for Trump's head. A former GOP senator, Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire, has called for today's Congressional Republicans to rally around anti-Trump senators Corker and Flake and rid the GOP of this "vile president."

Meanwhile, the Flying Finger of Free Speech has cost Juli Briskman her job.

Juli Briskman works for a government contractor called Akima LLC. She is the cyclist who flipped off the Presidential Motorcade recently. The photo went viral, and Juli went to her HR department to admit that she is the woman in the photograph.

And the hits just keep on coming.  Sam Clovis, the campaign supervisor for former campaign foreign affairs adviser, George Papadopoulos, who recently pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, supposedly sang like a canary during a recent appearance before Mueller's grand jury.

Word has it that Clovis didn't mention his grand jury appearance to the White House. Team Trump learned of it from media reports. 

As Reagan put it, it's a great morning in America, especially with Trump in Asia.


the salamander said...

.. I keep remembering how the CPC in Canada relished opportunities to learn GOP strategies, tactics, techniques, hardware, processes.. and ideology propaganda was wrapped around the whole dogs breakfast of the Republicans.. We saw the losers & wingnuts among them as they lost twice to Obama.. and now we see them strutting about, speaking thru a wingnut Huckabee progeny, and hitting their stride with legislation to match. Hello Ryan, McConnoll Priebus et al. No mistake, these are truly whacked assholes. Trump is perfect for them.. and Kelly Leitch up here in Canada was quick to tell us via mainstream media about the exciting message of a Trumph administration. Who knew ? Kandice Kelly Leitch as the evil twin of Kelly Anne Conway... Get out of here ! But that's really what is transpiring !

Meanwhile Herr Stephen (mad genius economissed) Harper goes down to deliver a snappy frothy speech to a conference that Steve Bannon also spewed at. No word if the mysterious Ray Novak or Nigel attended.

The bottle spins and along comes Viet Cong vet Mueller to vindicate Comey.. fired for multiple offences, non of which el Commando in Chief can stick with or remember saying at times, despite 'one of the great memories of all time'.. but he can't remember a minion named Popadopolous sitting in on a national security meeting.. hint .. he's duly recorded in said meeting via photos sitting with a group of approx 10 including Trumph and has already plead guilty now re approx 75 million in dirty money nicely laundered & helping pay for his suite in Trump Tower. Convenient for him, Trump Jr & son in law Kushner to meet with nefarious Russian agents, operators or investors. Its to laugh.. these are the exemplars elected CPC MP's love to hobknob with, meet, consult, emulate and share 'their exciting message'

Are Canadians 'getting this' ?

The Mound of Sound said...

Sal, you've captured a sense of what I can only find totally bewildering.That mentality cannot co-exist on the same plane with others. It operates on its own codes, with its own assumptions generously upholstered with fabrications, distortions and outright lies. It undermines the common bond of humanity and shared reality.

Northern PoV said...

"There's a slowly building chorus calling for Trump's head"


a much faster process is dismantling the former USA

Bets on which gets to the finish line first?