Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Two Creepy Cops, Same Day

Look who is gracing the CBC web site this morning. Why it's those two creepy cops, Harper's own Julian Fantino and Toronto Police stalwart, James "Give'em the full clip" Forcillo.

Forcillo has been arrested for breaching his bail conditions.

Fantino is celebrated for cutting the ribbon on his new business - a marijuana shop. That's right, Julian the guy who equated legalizing pot with "legalizing murder" has seen the light and the light is green.

The two of them, they're just creepy.


Lorne said...

Hadn't heard about Forcillo, but I bet they will just release him again. As for Fantino, as I watched the story last night, I must confess that the contemptible hypocrite was responsible for a few choice expletives escaping my tender lips.

Royson James has some interesting thoughts on him in today's Star:

WILLY said...

Comment from CBC

You want MORE ex-cops and politicians trying to make it big in legal weed???

Ernie Eves, Chairman, Timeless Herbal Care, a Jamaican medical marijuana company – former Progressive Conservative premier of Ontario

John Reynolds, advisor to Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals Inc – former MP with the Progressive Conservative, Reform and Canadian Alliance parties

Senator Larry Campbell, advisor to Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals Inc. – former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer and Vancouver mayor. And sitting Senator

Barry Daniel, Wildflower’s head of security – Former Abbotsford police chief; Cam Battley, Aurora Senior Vice President, Communications and Medical Affairs – Former Legislative Assistant to the Canadian Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, where he was responsible for developing legislation and steering it through the House of Commons, as well as negotiating with Opposition parties and stakeholder groups

John Turner, medicinal marijuana applicant in Ontario (With Kash Heed) – Former Prime Minister of Canada

And Marc Emery"s shops are being closed.

Only this government could turn me against pot dealers.

Anonymous said...

Incentive to grow your own. . .

John B. said...

With all these birds flocking in that direction there must be an inside to this.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's just another one of those surreal moments that leaves you shaking your head in incomprehension. Is there anyone who's not on the make?

rww said...

There's no high like a hypocrisy high.

Anonymous said...

It is rather stunning how our government and their enforcers (OPP) went from weed is terrible and anybody dealing it will pay a heavy price to weed is cool and as a matter of fact we will now be the exclusive dealers of it. Heavy enforcement again if you obtain from other source.
Same affair with gambling and to lesser extent alcohol. Same hypocracy. Figure they will ultimately do same with sex trade. All about money and political connections. Mac

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Could they do the same with the sex trade industry, given the current social climate and the increasingly contemptuous cultural attitudes towards the various forms of par-for-the-course typical invasive erotic-based hedonistic behaviors of men towards women?