Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Now We May Find What Boris is Made Of.

Donald Trump may have a golden opportunity to get his hands on Julian Assange - if he ever wanted him.

The Swedes have dropped the rape investigations so the Brits have no cause to hold the guy on that business. He's still got the failing to appear convictions but Assange should soon be free as a bird.

The Americans used to want Assange - the 2016 election, WikiLeaks dishing Hillary's emails, possible coordination with the Russians, etc. but I can't see how Trump would ever want to stir those ashes.

If Trump does want Assange it will be interesting to see how his Brit Mini-Me, Boris Johnson, answers the call.


Northern PoV said...

Canada has its own 'political' prisoner and our gov't is hiding behind the mechanics of the extradition process hoping tRump gets his trade deal and calls off the Meng chase.

I suspect the Brits will hide behind their own judges. Let's hope Julian gets a good British judge and not Judge Dred.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the DOJ has a sealed indictment ready to go. After all, Assange is convicted felon Roger Stone's alleged accomplice in the leak of those DNC emails. He also published a classified video of a US Apache gunship crew committing war cr..., er sorry, getting tough with a fake news reporter. On second thought, Trump's probably got a Medal of Freedom with Assange's name on it.


Anonymous said...

Former British ambassador Craig Murray published a disturbing report on Assanges court appearance from a few weeks back. It’s pretty horrible stuff...
Suffice to say I don’t see this latest development changing the course of the British American proceedings...

Trailblazer said...

A little about Assange.


Troy said...

I've taken a step back from following these events. I really distrust Mueller and anything he says. He seems to be a hack for the neo-cons with the competence of Michael D. Brown or Paul Bremer.

This whole entire drama's just been some sort of neo-conservative civil war with Assange just being a political football. A tool. A willing tool, but a tool nontheless. He was useful for a moment, but now seems destined for lockup in some military prison and torture.

Demoxratic leadership should probably just quietly stop pursuing this. It's something that'll probably disaffect younger voters who have no interest in Cold War-era propoganda.

The Mound of Sound said...

I too have stepped back from this, Troy. I know that the email dump by Assange on the Access Hollywood night wasn't coincidental. It hurt Hillary and, while I'm no fan of Clinton, only a fool would claim that wasn't a big leg up for Trump on the night he most needed a distraction. Mission accomplished.