Monday, December 03, 2007

It's a Lonely Planet for SHarper

At least Harper could pretend he had Australia at his side at the Commonwealth summit but these things can change pretty quickly. Now Canada stands pretty much alone - save for the US - on global warming. Actually we're not so much standing as sitting in Papa Bush's lap.

Australia's new prime minister, Kevin Rudd, wasted no time on being sworn in yesterday to sign the documents bringing Australia into the Kyoto Protocol. Meanwhile the Clown Prince of Sussex Drive plods on regardless, faithfully running interference for Big Oil and Athabasca.

What's incredible is that SHarper and his EnviroMin mouthpiece, Baird, are still going to paint China ahd India as the problem. That's because they can. Canadians are as dumb as bricks when it comes to environmental matters inside China and India and SHarper wants to keep it that way. His kind need a whipping boy.

India is already making real strides to curb its carbon footprint and, as for China? The Chinese are coming to the reality that they have an urgent need for effective action not "to save the world" but to save their own backsides, their own people, their own cities and countryside from a looming environmental calamity. First and foremost, China is poisoning China and the Chinese know it and they know it is probably the greatest obstacle to their dreams of becoming a genuine, economic superpower.

We don't hear much about it but the Chinese are working very closely with the EU on new environmental policies, standards and technologies.

But all this isn't going to stop SHarper and Baird using every scummy trick in the book to fight a rearguard action for Big Oil and the Tar Sands.

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