Thursday, December 20, 2007

Republican Glad Tidings

Rudy Giuliani seems to have fallen from his perch in the belfry. A New York Times poll indicates Rudy or "The Mayor" as much of the American media now calls him, has plummeted from numbers in the low 30's down to Mitt Romney territory in the low 20's. The Rude Man is sick at the moment. His aides say it's a touch of the flu but I have it on reliable sources he got ill from drinking bad blood.

And the Mad Mormon Romney has been outed by the Daily Kos. For some time now Romney has been peddling the line how he's down with civil rights issues. He's reminded anyone within listening range how his daddy, George, marched with Martin Luther King.

In a speech he gave from the George (HW) Bush presidential library, entitled "Faith in America," Romney threw out this line:

" I saw my father march with Martin Luther King. "

And, later, on NBC's "Meet the Press," Romney let out this one:

"You can see what I believed and what my family believed by looking at our lives. My dad marched with Martin Luther King. My mom was a tireless crusader for civil rights."

Turns out that was plain old-fashioned, Mormon bullshit. Outed by David Bernstein of, Mitt's spinmeisters threw themselves into overdrive and claimed that George Romney and Martin Luther King did indeed march together in June. 1963 just not on the same day or in the same city.

Whew. That's like Romney saying his kids didn't go to Iraq but were serving America anyway by working on his campaign. This guy is almost as creepy as Count Rudy.

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