Monday, December 31, 2007

Seven More Months of Bush, Yippee!

Here's something to celebrate tonight - the end of the Bush regime. Seven long years and counting, seven more months to go. Why so soon? Because Congress will recess for the 4th of July celebrations and that'll be it until the next president takes office. There'll probably be a few appropriations bills passed but there won't be any real legislative initiatives churned through Congress, the books will be closed on them if they aren't already.

Bush is going to try to push some muddled, Middle East agenda, but those who matter in that region are already waiting to see who will be the next occupant of the Oval Office. That's the person who matters to them now, not George w. Bush.

Then there are the wars. Afghanistan and Iraq remain in tatters and now Pakistan looms large as the next hot spot (and we thought it was going to be Iran - how silly). I expect Bush will opt for the security of military rule while making all the appropriate noises about democracy and civilian rule in Islamabad. When the going gets tough the Bushies look for tough guys, not democracy activists.

All things considered, I suspect the Frat Boy president will be glad to see the day where he can vacate the premises and leave his successor the job of cleaning up his neo-con, foreign policy incontinence.

If there's one legislative battle of interest, it may be Bush's initiative to make his tax cuts, scheduled to lapse in 2010, permanent.

So, raise a glass tonight to a better future - for Washington and the world - and don't forget that this year we can also celebrate the 4th of July!


Johnathon said...

I can understand why you're happy Bush is leaving the White House.

I can also understand why the Liberal party of Canada still wishes Saddam was in power to keep killing his own.

After all, Liberals only care about human rights in Canada.

Outside Canada, the Liberals are nowhere to be seen.

Shame on you leftist queers.

The Mound of Sound said...

Johnathon I was going to bin your homophobic, bigoted remarks but it's the last day of the year and you make a fitting reminder to decent folk of how vulgar and dull the human mind can be.