Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hey, Harpo - Want My Opinion?

Harper's hypocrisy seemingly knows no bounds.

Canada's one-man goon squad thought he'd score some easy political points by commissioning a study into the polling practises of previous Liberal governments. Oh, he was going to get those scoundrels!

Harpo commissioned former PQ cabinet minister Daniel Paille to dig into the Libs practises with a view to getting enough dirt to hold an embarrassing public enquiry. Paille went back to 1990 and duly delivered his report - one that was left to gather dust on a Tory desk.

Paille did his homework alright. His report shows that the Harper government spent $31.2 million on opinion research in the last year - more than any previous year and almost twice the $18 million spent on average during the Liberal years.

This from a bozo bully boy who keeps telling us he doesn't govern by polls. Harper's not only a greasy hypocrite, he's a damned liar to boot. That's my opinion and, best of all, I'll give it to Steve free of charge.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree, with every day he remains our PM, he brings our nation down. Check out my new rant...