Monday, December 10, 2007

When Can a 10-Year Old Girl "Consent" to Sex With 9-Men? When She's An Aussie Aboriginal

Let's face it, if a judge let nine rapists off the hook after they'd had their way with a white child, that judge would be toast. If the kid is an aboriginal, an Australian aboriginal, well, hey, that's a different matter entirely.

It took a month for the story to hit the papers but now that it has, Queensland's attorney-general, Kerry Shine, has leapt into action to appeal the outrageous sentence. Maybe Shine ought to explain what he/she has been sitting on this case all this time. The AG's office obviously knew about it, just as they get reports on every criminal case heard in their jurisdiction.

"Bradley's handling of the case was revealed by the Australian newspaper. In passing sentence, she said that she accepted the girl involved "was not forced and ... probably agreed to have sex with all of you but you were taking advantage of a 10-year-old girl and she needs to be protected". The judge reminded the group of nine that it is an offence to have sex with a girl under the age of 16."

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