Sunday, December 09, 2007

Remorseless Punishment

Conrad Black has a strong chin. I can't understand why he wants to lead with it.

Connie, that'll be Lord Piddlepuddle to you, gets his comeuppance tomorrow when he's sentenced on three counts of fraud and one of obstruction of justice. The prosecutors want the judge to throw the book at Black - a full 20-years worth. The defence is hoping that a favourable pre-sentence report will get his Lordship a lighter deal, 5-7 max.

The judge has a lot of leeway in what fate to dole out to Lord Crossharbour. One of the things the court assesses is the attitude of the defendant/convict. Judges really like to see the condemned grovel and they prefer lament by the bucketful. Remorse, that's the key. If the doomed is already really, really remorseful why then there's no need to tack on extra years so that he will feel remorse. And that's where Connie's ego trips him up.

Black has told anyone who'll listen that he has nothing to apologize for and that he'll wear his imprisonment proudly, like Michael Milken or Leona Helmsley. He actually gives the impression that this will be some sort of crucible to test his very nobility.

Still, no one's betting on what term Black will face. Some still believe seven is the magic number. If it is, it won't be Conrad's doing.


Concerned Albertan said...

I still don't get how he can be guilty of mail fraud and not guilty of fraud.

Makes no sense...

The Mound of Sound said...

I think mail fraud is the more serious offence in America. Just guessing.