Monday, December 10, 2007

Shoring Up Canada's Sullied Reputation

Stephen Harper promised to transform Canada into a world leader, a nation that all others would know and respect. Instead he's turned Canada into a global pariah, a nation that all others are struggling to comprehend. At Bali, Canada is seen by the world for what Harper has made it - all balk and no action.

There's some comfort in knowing there are others at Bali who are working hard to shore up our nation's sullied reputation. From the Toronto Star:

"Environment ministers from Canada's two biggest provinces held a joint news conference in Bali repudiating the position of their national government.

Quebec's Line Beauchamp and Ontario's John Gerretsen made it clear that Ottawa does not speak for their provinces, which together account for almost two-thirds of the national population.

They urged Ottawa to set an example for others.

"If the U.S. is not willing to sign on, does that mean nobody should sign on?" Gerretsen asked rhetorically, with Beauchamp by his side.

"We don't like this attitude."

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty chimed in from Toronto.

"What Canadians want their government to do is lead on this score, and we're not leading – we're following," McGuinty said. ``Worse than that, we're hindering."

Beauchamp summed up her response whenever other countries' delegates ask what Canada is doing.

"People are trying to understand Canada's position," she said. ``But honestly, we're not here to either explain it or defend it."

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