Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bhutto Attacked, Possibly Assassinated

The New York Times, citing Pakistan's state news agency, reports that Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has been killed.

The paper says Bhutto died in a gun and suicide bomb attack while attending a rally near Islamabad. She was taken to hospital where doctors tried to resuscitate her for 35-minutes before she was declared dead. The cause of death was given as shrapnel wounds.
The loss of Bhutto appears to leave Pervez Musharraf virtually unopposed in national elections set for next month.


Anonymous said...

Greedy ruthless men trying to hang on to power to keep their names in the paper with all the money they need to excercise their unacceptable behaviour. It doesn't matter what religion they believe in or purport to live by, they don't give a hoot for the state of their country. They are totally corrupt.

The Mound of Sound said...

You are quite possibly right, Anon. They're now trying to blame this on the Islamists but who really stands to gain from bumping off Bhutto? If anything I think it would have best suited the Islamists to let Bhutto go head to head against Musharraf next month. No one would have accepted the result one way or the other. The country would have been plunged into disarray for months at the very least. What better conditions for the Jihadists? No, I think this assassination works best for Mushie and his army pals.

FredM said...

"They're now trying to blame this on the Islamists "

Maybe they are blaming it on them(Islamists) because they came out and said that they did it. And just incase you two of you haven't picked up a paper for the last 5 years the islamist have been at war with everybody and anybody around the world for the last 5 years. Try going to you can read about all 10,000 of their bombings since 9/11. And anon it does matter what religion they belong to because only 1 religion can claim responsability to 10,000 bombings since 9/11.

Mike said...

Despite Fred's delusions,I suspect Musharif or even Sharif (the other ex-PM opposition leader. It might even have been the ISI, Pakistan's intelligence service (they are likely the creators of the Taliban as well - read "Ghost Wars" by Steve Coll for details).

Also, re: - Fred, I bet you get your "facts" about Jews from Stormfront too, don't you>? Moron.

Anonymous said... is all about money nothing short of. As for 9/11 what a wonderfully staged event that was all in the name of oil so people like ExxonMobile can carry on trying to be the first trillionair. It's all about the Central Banking System.