Monday, December 31, 2007

Mexican Army Disarms Cops - Again

This time it's El Rosarito's police force that's been disarmed after an attempt on the life of its police chief raised suspicions the force had been infiltrated by drug traffickers. From The Guardian:

The guns from the El Rosarito force will be tested to see if they were used in recent crimes, including an incident in which hooded gunmen walked through the local security chief's offices shooting out computers and telephones, and leaving one person dead. The officers will also undergo "trust tests" expected to include lie-detector sessions and drug screening.

The security chief and local mayor have been assigned personal security entourages of dozens of soldiers, while the army has taken over everyday patrolling duties in the town of 160,000 next to Tijuana.

"We recognise that the enemy is inside our house and for this reason we are purging our ranks," the head of the state police, Daniel de la Rosa, told reporters.

The newspaper El Universal has put the total of execution-style murders for 2007 at 2,673, 20% more than 2006.

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