Monday, November 07, 2016

For Shock Value, This One's Hard to Beat

Indian authorities have declared a state of emergency in Delhi due to extremely high levels of smog, especially PM2.5 particulate matter. PM2.5 particles are small enough to be absorbed by lungs, passed along into the bloodstream and even cross the blood-brain barrier. It can blow your mind - among other things.

Today's horror story comes to you via a family on a scooter.

No way of telling how or even if this family of four aboard a small motorbike built for two even got home. Notice that dad has one hand on the throttle and the other trying to shield his son's face from the pollution. Bad things happen fast when visibility goes minimum and an overloaded bike where the rider has just one hand on the bars, well, that doesn't help the odds.


Owen Gray said...

Our son lives in China, Mound. He walks around in a gray soup with a handkerchief covering his mouth.

The Mound of Sound said...

How long will he be staying, Owen? I hope he doesn't have kids with him.

Anonymous said...

Anyong....Yup! Just like China. And people think it doesn't reach people in North America. When I was working in China, the air dried your mouth and the taste of chemicals wasn't very nice. All that flows over South Korea.

Anonymous said...

In 1974 lived in Prince George BC.
in winter it was not uncommon to have a weather inversion that would hold the pulp mill pollution in the city bowl, sometimes for days.
Whilst not as bad as India or China it was bad.
The local response was that it was the smell of money!
Pollution on an unhealthy scale is not limited to foreign places.
We have examples in pulp mill towns aluminum smelter towns and copper producing towns.
When pressure is applied to clean up Western pollution we often see the raw product exported to Asia and other locals that have significantly less environmental standards.
The guy on the motorbike photo would likely say; It's the smell of money..


The Mound of Sound said...

The Fraser Valley out toward Abbotsford gets pretty rank when a summer air inversion settles over the Lower Mainland. We would ride our motorcycles up to the top of Cypress Mountain and gaze at the purple-brown cloud hovering over Vancouver, ever grateful that at our end of West Vancouver the prevailing Howe Sound winds kept us out of it.

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