Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Steve Bannon - Every Demagogue Has One

Think of him as the guy who will toss the red meat to the Gullibillies. Steve Bannon, Trump's lead strategist designate and former Breitbart chief, has a lot of people very, very nervous.

Vice News calls Bannon a right-wing Rottweiler. The Bannon/Breitbart juggernaut has inroads to the radical right across Europe and Israel, pretty much any place capable of supporting white supremacists. Breitbart's London organization is considered to have played an instrumental role in nudging Farage's UKIP to an upset victory in the Brexit vote.


John B. said...

Money, money, money ...

There must be more money.

Government Accountability Institute: TEAM


"Stephen K. Bannon • Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of the Government Accountability Institute. ... Mr. Bannon is a former Goldman Sachs investment banker in their Mergers & Acquisitions Department. He has been a financier/entrepreneur in the entertainment and media industry for 25 years. He is currently the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News LLC the parent company of Breitbart.com."

Who funds the Government Accountability Institute?


"The three largest donors to the GAI are Donors' Trust, the Koch-founded and operated political slush fund through which donations are laundered and sent to various organizations connected with them, Franklin Center, and the Mercer Family Foundation in New York. ...

"Of the total $2.2 million received in 2012, $2 million came from the Franklin Center, the Koch-funded 'watchdog' organization. Perhaps coincidentally, the Franklin Center also received a $2 million contribution in 2012 from Donors' Capital, the sister organization to Donors' Trust.

"From July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013, Donors' Trust passed through $1.5 million to the organization headed up by current Breitbart News managing editor Stephen Bannon and former Breitbart News editor-at-large Peter Schweizer [president of GAI and author of 'Clinton Cash' - not credited in bio on GAI webpage]."

Boy that Koch-Trump rumpus was some pillow fight, eh boys?

Never mind the libertarian blather; we'll throw in the KKK, the White Nationalists and the Neo-Confederates at no extra charge. Up until now those assets have been undervalued.

How's that for a bargoon?

The Mound of Sound said...

That's an eye-opener, John. Thanks for the helpful backgrounder.