Friday, November 18, 2016

Has Anyone Else Seen This?

An anonymous commenter mentioned that cherry trees have come into blossom in Victoria at the south end of the island. Has anyone else seen such a thing in that area?


Anonymous said...

Just drive north on Blanshard Street between Bay and Hillside to see them. I've got photos if you want. The cherry tree in my front yard also has blossoms, and some of the shrubs along the Lochside trail around km 7 are leafing out.

The Mound of Sound said...

That's amazing. Has there been any explanation given? What I don't get is that we've had neither a cold snap nor unduly warm conditions. What is triggering this?

Anonymous said...

There are always biological anomalies I see them every year.
I must admit as unscientific as it it ; there are more anomalies in plant growth this year than before.
I see more wildflowers taking a stab at spring than ever before.
Again; it could be just another anomaly!!
I did live in Prince George for many years.
The weather there has changed dramatically.
Pretty hard to dismiss AGW in that neck of the woods.


Northern PoV said...

Slightly off topic but still on trees...

A while back you posted about the forest fires in Ft. McMurray. I suggested that they were signs of adaptation to the warmer drier climate. We have to pick and choose which fires to fight.

Here is an interesting (distressing) link

carbon sink to source, the paper warns

Anonymous said...

My parents rhododendron bush is flowering right now on the Sunshine Coast. Nov. 19th and new flowers are budding!!