Tuesday, November 29, 2016


That's it. Prime minister Slick has greenlighted the Kinder Morgan pipeline initiative that will ship 900,000 barrels of toxic, lethal dilbit a day across British Columbia, through the Lower Mainland municipalities, and into an armada of supertankers that will become a daily feature as they ply the waters of Burrard Inlet, Coal Harbour, English Bay and coastal British Columbia through the Juan de Fuca Strait scraping along the US boundary.

All that business about First Nations approval and social licence, like just about everything else that has come from Trudeau, was a pack of lies. All that bold talk about fighting climate change - more lies. Bastard.

The good news is that the Tsleil-Wauthuth Nation on Burrard Inlet has vowed to block the deal. The less than good news is that the Green Party was all over the announcement, wasting not a second to notify the membership to send more money to Elizabeth May.  


Toby said...

This is not just a betrayal by Trudeau but also by his Environment Minister and all the Liberal MP's in BC. They should all resign.

Dana said...


Dana said...

At least my Liberal MP, Terry Beech, argued strongly against it. I've already emailed him thanking him for the opposition and suggesting he leave the Liberal caucus to sit as an Independent or maybe even cross to sit with Elizabeth May.

A breathtaking betrayal.

Anonymous said...

Junior's doing the Clinton two-step. Perhaps environmental activists should crowdsource $10-million. Hire lobbyists and try to outbid the oil corps.

Junior better get hustling. Kevin O'Leary is going to put him out of a job in 2019. (Liberals opposed to electoral reform will find out the hard way all it takes for the Cons to get a majority on 40% of the vote, is to put forward a competent leader the 40% of conservative voters will vote for. Like Mulroney, O'Leary will probably reach outside the con tent.)

Anonymous said...

"This is not just a betrayal by Trudeau but also by his Environment Minister and all the Liberal MP's in BC."

When you start driving your solar-powered cars on gravel roads, typing on wooden keyboards, sipping locally-grown cappuccino/espresso/latte, and shipping all of BC's exports on wooden Schooners rather than the massive carbon-fueled enormous tankers, then and only then can you claim the moral high ground.

UFB! The naïveté of extremists, left or right is mind boggling. Nuance and compromise are all but lost in this binary world of permanent finger pointers.

Anonymous said...

Con anon is a moron. What does fueling China's economy with tankers full of filthy bitumen have to do with anything he's talking about? And he calls other people extremists?

The centrist position is to act responsibly; not play Russian roulette with our grandchildren's heads so oil corp execs, Chinese oligarchs and wealthy investors can make a quick buck. THAT IS THE REAL EXTREMIST POSITION. RADICAL RIGHT-WING FREE-MARKET IDEOLOGY.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the environment for a second. I don't see what's in it for the Libs. They're giving up safe BC seats for what? Albertans aren't suddenly going to start electing Libs over this. This is some really weird triangulation.

The good news, Mound, it that there's probably nothing to worry about. Kinder Morgan's got it all under control.


Northern PoV said...

We need a Green Sweep here on the coast next Fed election
with or w/o Electoral Reform - might help Terry too
Will my MP, Hedy go Green? LOL But Vcr Center might.

and do you trust the NDP (can they win?) to do anything other than 'Christie-Clark with better social-licence-building skills' (like Notley & Trudeau)

the salamander said...

.. think your lead sums it up eloquently ..

betrayal ..

Pamela Mac Neil said...

There is a smugness to Trudeau these days as he gives the finger to Canadians. I get the impression that knowing that Canadians do not want this pipeline built, he's going ahead with approving it anyway, because he knows what's best for us.

He also, these days' has little need to talk to Canadians, after all his neoliberal policies are in support of special interest groups, so what's to discuss with Canadians. He'll give his grade 8 speeches to the public after he has made a policy decision but he will never open communications with Canadians before or during his policy decision making.

This guy as far as I'm concerned is in way over his head. He let's others, namely his neoliberal advisors do his thinking for him. I'm sure he's schooled on what his decisions should be and then how he should explain those decisions to the Canadian people.

There is nothing like being condescended to by our very own PM, a mindless liberal front man.

Anonymous said...

I think Junior is a lot like Trump: a trust-fund kiddie airhead. People who have everything handed to them on a silver platter become lazy and entitled. Delegate all the thinking to others. Junior would rather hang out at the gym than read even best-seller-level information about the economy.

His advisers tell him the economy is fine. All we need is the TPP to create jobs. Chinese foreign investment in the oil-sands. Plus he is corrupted by pay-for-play.

His father tapped into the 1960s movement and won a decisive victory in 1968. But brought false hope and change and was reduced to a minority by 1972.

Junior is facing a bigger clobbering than that, is my guess. He's going to regret taking a pass on electoral reform.

(Of course, the NDP is forcing his hand rather than working with his government for some kind of compromise stop-gap measure like ranked ballot voting. He could bite the bullet and just do it. But he was never big on the idea in the first place. It will destroy his legacy. And it should. He is riding his father's coattails implementing a decentralized, free-market version of Canada his father opposed in Brian Mulroney.)

Anonymous said...

As I said a few months ago, this would pass and is a political move. It is calculated and will not likely hurt Trudeau in the polls except for areas in BC.

Askingtherightquestions said...

Mound (and other posters living in BC): is the backlash against this likely to be as large as I think it will be? I am thinking DAPL x50 in an urban/suburban environment. Trudeau risks a lot of political capital in this but we always tend to forget how much financial CAPITAL (much from offshore US, China, Norway, etc) has been sunk into those cursed tar sands already and likely drives his decision.

I still think he risks a civil society revolt in your province if KM tries to push this on.....

John's Aghast said...

Ain't gonna happen.