Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to Look Your Very Best - After the Old Man Tunes You Up.

This is a screen capture from a Moroccan state TV programme showing women make up tips for concealing those tell tale signs of a damned good thrashing by the hubby.

Really, seriously? Oh, f@#k me.


Anonymous said...

I dont like to show my age but in my youth living in the North of England it was not unusual to see women in such a state.
I dare to say that it was not unusual in Canada during the 1960s .
Hopefully Morocco will within a similar time period rectify its acceptance of female abuse .

Female abuse has its roots in religion.
Even when religion waynes the old ,horrible, habits die hard.


the salamander said...

.. you'd have to be blind, stupid & vicious..
to not see the anguish, pain & helpless result
of striking a child or woman.. or other assault..

I survived easily with astounding resiliance & speed of foot
but I count myself an outlier.. of old school idiocy..
and like my older sister, a leading Ontario educator
consider myself among new outliers

Those parents who refused, will never accept
any level of violence, inflicted on anyone..
children, female, male .. spank, whack, hit .. scream at

Try that shit in todays social work or education realms..
and peeps like me will show up..
and explain the error of your ways..
It will not be friendly..
It will be blunt ..