Monday, November 07, 2016

Wait, I'm Pretty Sure I Voted for Some of These People. Haven't You?

Sorry, my bad. I was thinking of horses. These are plainly backbenchers.

There's a proposal to levy carbon taxes on meat and dairy products. The photo shows the carbon emission apparatus.

Surcharges of 40% on beef and 20% on milk would account for the damage their production causes people via climate change, an Oxford University team has calculated. These taxes would then deter people from consuming as much of these foods, reducing both emissions and illness, the team said.

Food production causes a quarter of all the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving global warming, largely from the raising of cattle and other livestock. These emissions are increasing as people around the world become richer and eat more meat.


Rural said...

As a life long vegetarian I have no issue with those who want meat as part of their diet and as a country boy I have no illusions as to the amount of 'gas' produced from raising Cattle and Pigs for meat. Dairy is less of an issue for me, but then not being 'vegan' I find dairy essential for MY diet! Providing protein via feeding animals for slaughter is no doubt 'inefficient' but given the industrial contribution to climate change it is hardly a segment of our society to be saddled with extra taxes. Perhaps a return to small family farming who use the 'output' more efficiently is in order........
The statement “Food production causes a quarter of all the greenhouse gas emissions” needs a great deal of further detail to be taken seriously!

Anonymous said...

It would be much easier for humanity to curb their meat and dairy consumption than it would be to abandon fossil fuels overnight. Not saying that we shouldn't try to curb our greenhouse emissions, but that's not going to be effective enough. I've been 95% plant based for three years now out of concern for the climate. I eat meat when I'm at a restaurant that has a shitty veggie menu or if I'm a guest at somebody's house. Not saying that would be right for everybody, but I personally find it effortless. We need a cultural shift.


The Mound of Sound said...

@ Rural - I think there has been a reasonable amount of research into agrarian impacts on climate change. Only part of it is livestock related. Modern farms consume a lot of fossil fuels in planting, harvesting and transporting products vast distances to distribution depots and then onto retail markets. I agree with your suggestion of a rehabilitation of smallholding or family farms at least in countries where that's still a viable option.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Nico - I've largely given up pork and beef but simply because I seem to have lost my taste for them. Hardly altruistic. Still I consume plenty of fish and poultry. I suppose chickens do their fair share of greenhouse gas emissions.

You're right that what's needed is a cultural shift but neither the markets nor governments seem inclined to support that.

Jose said...

Farts are not CO2 they are compose of
A typical fart is composed of about
59 percent nitrogen,
21 percent hydrogen,
9 percent carbon dioxide,
7 percent methane and
4 percent oxygen.
It is not like they are 100% CO2 or Methane.

Jose said...

Beans and vegetables also will produce "green house gases"

The Mound of Sound said...

Jose, calm yourself. I see that reading comprehension is not your forte. I am, however, impressed with your meticulous knowledge of flatulence (farts). I don't recall anyone saying that this particular waste product was 100% CO2 or methane. Perhaps you read that somewhere else and got it stuck in your mind. I can't think of any organic substance that is 100% anything. The only thing that pure is an element but I'm hoping you realize that.