Thursday, November 10, 2016

Has Trump Committed Treason?

The National Observer's Sandy Garrosino, journalist, entrepreneur and former Crown Attorney, certainly thinks so.

America, you have been plunged into crisis, and so has the entire world. Do not normalize this outrage by parsing voter data and internecine partisan recriminations. Unite, resist, stand against it, and defend your precious democracy.

Forget that Trump's a lying misogynist bigot elected on a racist platform by whites. There’s no law against that and no political power in it for you.

Join the peaceful protesters already in streets now, and stay there until an independent prosecutor is appointed to criminally investigate Donald Trump and his entire campaign for conspiracy.

Overwhelmingly and increasingly, there are reasonable and probable grounds to believe that the Trump campaign may have colluded, directly or indirectly, with foreign powers, hostile interests, and potentially even elements within the FBI, to subvert the democratic process and American Constitution.

That's treason.

As a direct result of voter manipulation and suppression, the second place candidate is about to seize control of the executive, judicial, military and law enforcement in the most powerful nation on earth, against the will of the majority of the people.

General Michael Hayden, the former director of both the NSA and CIA, called Trump a clear and present danger to American and global security. He co-signed a letter to that effect with 49 other senior Republican national security officials, including former Homeland Security secretaries Michael Chertoff and Tom Ridge.

That was in August, before FBI director James Comey dropped his own bombshell letter, which led to disclosure of yet another totally bogus criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton. In the middle of early voting.

Even vehement Trump supporter and former Congressman Joe Walsh figured that went way too far, tweeting that 20 million people had early voted after Comey issued his first letter, “thinking the FBI had something big on Hillary.”


Anonymous said...

I do understand that you don't like Trump but this article seems more like confirmation bias.

Previous articles by Sandy Garossino show a certain anti-Trump view. So, what proof does she have of her allegations? At this moment, not many if at all...

I remember when WikiLeaks used to be the hero of many on left for giving out the raw truth via documents.
Now Sandy sees them as some kind of anti-Clinton machine.
What is that saying? You are entitled to your opinion but not to your facts?

Has Trump committed treason? Who knows, but an article that demonstrates intellectual vacuity advances nothing.

I'm glad that this is only an opinion piece.

She talks of defending "democracy". I doubt that her hero Justin Trudeau will.

And that is part of the larger problem - the lack of unbiased people and critical thinking.

I don't know if you have had the chance to read Francis Wheen's "How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World: A Short History of Modern Delusions" - but this kind of dissection is greatly needed. Too bad it is in such short supply.

Dana said...

She's not alleging she has proof, horseass. She's asserting that there's smoke and an investigation should be instigated to find out if there's fire.

If it is determined that any of what she asserts is indeed so - then yes, that's treason.

But it won't happen anyway.

And Trump will still be in court November 28 on fraud charges.

Anonymous said...

Liberals might as well take off their Ruskie conspiracy-theory tinfoil helmets. The election is over. Ding dong the witch is dead. You'll have to wait till 2020 to try and bring back neocon war-profiteering and the specter of nuclear Armageddon.

Anonymous said...

And Trump will still be in court November 28 on fraud charges.

Trumps lawyers have asked for a postponement.
I'm betting they will get one ( indefinitely).


Anonymous said...

Though very unlikely should Trump go to court and lose that would leave the USA with Spence; the evangelical bounce off the wall type who cannot wait for Armageddon.

We really have wonderful choices don't we.
Or should i say the USA does.


John B. said...

wrt Anon @ 5:27 PM

So I went to the link and read the compete article and I still don't get the Wikileaks-related accusation levelled against the writer. In this case the criticism offered seems to have been limited to Trump, his campaign and the FBI. I realize that there's a Wikileaks connection, but based on the opinion piece in question, how did we get to the assertion that "Sandy sees them as some kind of anti-Clinton machine"?

When we get to the Justin reference it should occur to us that there really isn't much here besides ad hominem, a statutory "many on the left" reference and another salute, of which I'm unable to detect the relevance, to that musty old Moynihan banality. What was the point in writing all this? Couldn't we just have reduced it to the "what proof" advisory and the unsupported "intellectual vacuity" accusation.

I don't want to throw out a "Yabbut Trump this ... or yabbut Trump that ..." reference, but really: " the lack of unbiased people and critical thinking"? And talk about absence of proof. C'mon man!

I read "... Mumbo-Jumbo ..." a few years ago and its messages didn't occur to me when I read this piece. I may be incorrect but, as I recall, the critique was directed less at the harm potentially generated by common bias in opinion pieces or even by that contained in reporting and op-eds that self-identify as advocacy, and more at politicians, socio- and psycho-babble hucksters, the prophets and shills of pop political-economic culture and the propagandist efforts of organized money in pseudo-academia. ((Paul Friedman, Deepak Chopra and the late great Thatcher come somewhat to mind.)

John B. said...

Correction with apologies.

The Friedman referenced in my last is Tom vice Paul. It can be a problem when you get old and things come somewhat to mind.

Northern PoV said...

Funny, since Sandy locked up her site I've stopped reading.
Too bad, she often was quite insightful.

Reading this piece does cause a chuckle...
Sandy was typical of the Clinton-hypers who dissed Bernie and his supporters. (Mean and nasty, as the Donald would say.) The 'feminist' she was touting: Hillary's biggest achievement was being the WIFE of someone she defended from 'bimbo eruptions' - her words)

You reap what you sew. eh?

Reading Counterpunch is about the only solace I've found. Their attitude is mostly: ding dong the witch is dead.

The best I've heard so far (on twitter)
"Instead of the lesser evil, we got the evil lesser. "

rumleyfips said...

Your little basket of Trumpaloonies seem desperate to deflect. Kremlin surrogates have boasted about their manipulation of Trump and now awaiting their reward ( think Nato ). Trump sought out and welcomed foreign interference in the election. Classy !

Dana said...

He's also boasted through the years of how much money he makes from his properties in Russia. Properties which require a lot of meetings with officials on all sorts of levels - in a culture ruled by gangsters.

Anonymous said...

Liberals sound like Reagan neocons these days. Perhaps they are unaware the 'evil empire' collapsed 25 years ago and the country is no longer communist.

rumleyfips said...

Now your ' look over there ' is communist although nobody but you has used that word. Please try to be more relevant. The point id that Trump has so little respect for the United States that he sought out an opposing foreign power to illegally interfere with an election .

Anonymous said...

Poor Dana, still finding it hard that Hillary lost...

The democrats really missed the boat with Clinton.

Both Trump and Sanders spoke to the middle and lower classes. The Dems did every to fuck Sanders over.