Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Pipeline Plebiscite in 2017?

BC premier, Christy Clark, wasted no time in coming aboard. One day after Trudeau announced his government's approval of the Kinder Morgan megapipeline project into the Lower Mainland, Clark has said that Trudeau is close to fulfilling her conditions for approval.

Clark is no friend of coastal British Columbia or the Lower Mainland since she got thrown out of her posh Vancouver riding and was forced to seek refuge in Kelowna.

Until now the opposition NDP has been languishing, unable to connect with BC voters. Clark may be about to fix that problem, giving the NDP traction. Same, same for the British Columbia Greens if Andrew Weaver can get his head out of his backside on the BDS issue.

My New Year resolution this year will be to work to make BC a Liberal-free zone in 2019.

In today's Tyee, the headlines read, "Trudeau Just Sacrificed BC for Big Oil," and "Climate Change, Not Spills, the Real Kinder Morgan Disaster: Trudeau's Orwellian pipeline approval ignores looming threat to our grandchildren," are the stuff to get the blood to boil.

Trudeau also has the National Observer snapping at his greasy heels. "British Columbia Prepping for Battle After Major Pipeline Approvals," and, "Trudeau Pipeline Approval Could Harm Relations for 'Generations' Says Chief Thomas."

Trudeau has declared war on British Columbia. Trudeau, like Trump, is waging war on mankind.

This is only going to intensify as the media revisits the old stories of just what bitumen is, the associated dangers, and the peril coastal BC is exposed to so that Alberta won't have to refine their toxic crap on-site, in Alberta.

The fight is on.


Dana said...

You really think the media, especially the legacy media that most people still think is news, are going to dig into this?

I don't.

The Mound of Sound said...

I think they may have to be kickstarted by demonstrations, etc., but I'm hopeful they will, Dana. The Times Colonist ran an insightful series of stories on the perils and pitfalls of pipelines and supertankers a couple of years ago. That's easy content to recycle.

Purple library guy said...

I dunno overall, but the local Vancouver TV may not want to toe the oil line for the simple reason that the reporters and staff are upper middle class people who very likely like walking the seawall, hanging out by the waterfront and so on, and are not likely to be enthusiastic about the prospect of all that being buried in toxic black ooze.

Anonymous said...

The post is about Clark, so why is the photo lead of Notley and Trudeau from last February? PTSD? He asked charitably.

From what I heard today re Kinder-Morgan, Clark is still asking "What's in it for us?" as if in this so-called country of ours, every little satrap ruled by our intellectually nitwitted premiers expects to exact a tithe for being neighbourly. We have the real Balkans beat by a country mile, since the Montreal mayor seems to be on the same wavelength as well.

This is all by-the-by compared to the disastrous pipeline approval, but it shows that we cannot expect straight dealings between provinces on any matter whatsoever.

A recent round of pre-Christmas meals and imbibings split between colleagues and relatives shows that whatever the blogosphere thinks, your average Canuck thinks JT is just wunnerful. In fact, one can be shunned for saying anything negative about the man whatsoever as I discovered. Not that I give a shit about what a few of the almost 8 billion violent apes inhabiting this world think. Really, all people want is nookie, food and shelter and will individually go to great sociopathic lengths to achieve it.

As great philosophers have portentiously intoned : "The future of the human race, blah, blah, blah ..." There is not much of a future, but most people couldn't care less. They're all Bacchanalians at heart.

The Mound of Sound said...

PLG, I know a good many of "upper middle" Vancouverites in their multi-million dollar abodes for whom comfort and privilege ordinarily rules their lives yet, on this, they're remarkably engaged. The pipeline issue may have better legs than we think across the spectrum,especially in the Lower Mainland.

Dana said...

I did a long Facebook post earlier today about Cates Park (my neighbourhood after all) and the Deep Cove waterfront and the Tsleil Waututh people and the increase in tanker traffic from 5 a day to 34, and the tanker lineups all the way to Lions Gate and beyond, and the 24 hour traffic and the loss we would all face and dilbit, dilbit, dilbit.

None of the people who've responded knew of dilbit, the toxicity, the temperature required, the pressure required - they all thought it was oil.