Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Smart Move - Yes, From the Trudeau Government at That.

The federal government will order 18 F/A-18 E/F Super Hornets from Boeing to bridge the gap while it awaits the next wave of new generation fighters for the Royal Canadian Air Force. They're following an idea that Australia implemented a couple of years ago.

Most of America's allies are going for Lockheed's troubled F-35 which, by the time it is fully cleared for service, will be 20-years old. Over those two decades many of its supposed stealth secrets have been hacked by the very adversaries it is designed to attack. That has assisted them in the development of technologies to defeat the F-35's technology while giving them a leg up on constructing and deploying their own stealth fighter aircraft. To this Lockheed would say that the Russian and Chinese stealth aircraft aren't as good as America's. They could be right but they don't have to be nearly as good when used in defensive roles supported by their own advanced ground detection and missile systems.

The Americans are all too aware of the F-35's limitations and vulnerabilities which is why US naval and air force commanders are pressing for the early development of new, 6th generation aircraft to replace Lockheed's offering even before it achieves full operational status.


Kim said...

This news made me happy as well, Mound. It's the right jet for Canada.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's only a bridge solution, Kim, but it may tide us over until something worth that humongous cost is developed.

Anonymous said...

The purchase of military hardware is an indication of Government policy .
The F35 is a first strike weapon designed to be used in unison with the USA to achieve full capability.
Purchasing the F35 also ties in any buyer to USA foreign policy.
Computer hacking is likely to make any future military procurement obsolete before it hits the production line.
Cyber war is the future of our conflicts.


Ray Blessin said...

All of these machines are "weapons of mass destruction"!

Who are we going to kill with them?

The Mound of Sound said...

Ray, unlike the F-35 which is a stealth light bomber, the F-18 is multi-role which includes fairly robust air defence. Who are we going to kill with them? I don't know. Who have we killed with the old ones?

We do require a credible self-defence capability. The world is becoming a more difficult, dangerous place. It's quickly becoming unstable. Climate change alone is worsening the situation in many nations, a number of them nuclear powers. We can put our heads in the sand or we can be responsible and prepare to discourage those who may wish to come into conflict with us.

It's generally accepted that there are three main causes of war - gain, ideology and/or fear. We're entering an era of major power transition which, historically, is marked by conflict that can take the form of any or all three causes. Even Canada faces some credible threats.

Northern PoV said...

Apparently there are lots of fighter jets on the used market that can be upgraded and cost of fraction of the new stuff.

Better yet - let's build affordable housing with the money, eh?