Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Maybe Hillary's Not So Bad After All.

Hubba, Hubba

Hillary Clinton's email scandal cost her heavily in the last election. Trump never went to a rally without feeding the Gullibillies the promise that he would see her in irons.

I'm not sure Trump wasn't just feeding his supporters a load of horseshit on that Hillary business. After all, who did he invite over yesterday to discuss filling the Secretary of State slot? That would be noneother than Dave "Pillow Talk" Petraeus who took time out from his duties as commander in Afghanistan to bed and pass along classified info to Paula Broadwell.

The guffaws were heard across the capitol. Kentucky senator Rand Paul quipped: 

“they spent a year and a half beating up Hillary Clinton over revealing classified information and then they would appoint somebody who the FBI says not only revealed it, but then lied about it in an interview and purposefully gave it to someone who did not have the clearance to have that.”


Anonymous said...

Glad Trump is indulging in political corruption (breaking his promise.) Means the cattle will finally begin to moo against it.

New Deal Democrats aren't flapping their gums when they say they are vehemently opposed to pay-for-play, that's for sure.

Love president Trump! He always puts a wry smile on my face. Never watched reality TV shows before. But the POTUS Show, starring Donald J. Trump, is proving to be very entertaining!

Owen Gray said...

I note that Noam Chomsky says those who did not see Trump as the greater evil made "a bad mistake," Mound.

John B. said...

Listen to any blind supporter of a political candidacy who gloats over a victory. Citizens who have some understanding of the issues and of the electorate don't generally brag when their candidate wins. They understand that while the winner can often be congratulated for having run a superior campaign, winning really says very little or nothing about the virtue of his policies. Sometimes it only means that he didn't underestimate the ignorance and stupidity of the public.

Many of the followers that Trump has seduced into the process will say that nothing is of any importance besides having achieved the goal of keeping Mrs. Clinton out of office. Ask them why this should still be treated as a positive accomplishment for the nation, since much of the criticism she faced over issues with which they seemed to be concerned is turning out to have been invalid or at least obviously of far less significance than as expressed in their candidate's rhetoric, and you'll get a blank stare as they search their minds for an elusive Yabbut. They've become too invested in the project. They feel as though they're on the team and that, like their candidate, they're "winners". That's the only thing that matters. They don't have the wherewithal to comprehend or to care about anything else.

At least one of Canada's federal political parties seems to focus and rely on attracting this type of supporter (in my opinion).

Anonymous said...

Chomsky is a coward and a phony. His Christian martyr act makes me puke. He cares more about his portfolio than any of the long-winded tripe he barfs up.

The bribe-taking insiders move the Democratic party deep into Bush neocon territory and he says vote for it!

He's just a pampered Baby Boomer with no principles; no conviction; no desire to take any action; comfy with the status quo. (That's why they hate Trump so much -- a talentless entitled trust-fund kiddie: they are looking in the mirror!)

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Anon 10:19 - you seem to be deep in the throes of what's called the "Trump effect." I'm sorry that the mention of Noam Chomsky's name makes you "puke." Apparently you even see him as a "Christian martyr." Your rant does you no credit. Rage never makes an argument persuasive. Call your doctor. Get some meds.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me liberals are blind supporters who gloat over their empty victories. When they defeat the big bad con boogeyman they make statements like "Canada is back." Then all the promises of change fall by the wayside.

Their heroes continue on with the big bad boogeyman agenda: Chretien expanded on Mulroney, Bill Clinton expanded on Reagan, Obama expanded on Bush Jr., Trudeau Jr. expanded on Harper.

(In Ontario, McGuinty and Wynne expanded on Mike Harris so much the Common Sense Revolution is now a relative golden age!)

Trump is a human Molotov cocktail. Watching an abomination masquerading as democracy burn to the ground can put a smile on your face. But it's not exactly gloating. It's a different kind of satisfaction. An ineffable feeling big on the 'F'.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, John, there is one party, a faction of its members in the Trump mold.

Anonymous said...

"an abomination masquerading as democracy" - Anon @ 11:10 is onto something.
"Trump is a human Molotov cocktail." I like that.
I also like the firm handshake of the General. And the look of his new subordinate. Much improved compared to previous one.