Wednesday, November 09, 2016

How the Future Voted

America is a society deeply divided across any number of lines - ethnic, sectarian, gender, economic, political, religious and, increasingly, generational. Here's what the electoral map would have looked like based on the 18 to 25 year old vote.

There's your next revolution, the real one that's coming. The angry, confused old white man crowd had its way last night. It may have also been their swan song.


Anonymous said...

Not sure about you, Mound, but my view of the world changed quite significantly since I was 25, not to mention 18.
In any case, this map might have some applicability to a future leader of the caliber of Sanders, not the the cabal fronted by Clinton.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, it did A..non, but not on the same seismic scale as the changes underway that confront today's youth. We viewed our future with confidence and a certain eagerness, a sense of opportunity and promise. I've not been jesting when I write that the worst we had to deal with was the prospect of nuclear annihilation. That, we took in stride.

The perils that face young people today are far more pernicious and malevolent. I am reluctant to judge them by their elders' experience.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty close to what the map would have looked like if Clinton had pulled the same numbers Obama did in '08 & '12. Trump received fewer votes than either '08 McCain or '12 Romney, and Clinton lost 10% of the the Obama turnout.

If the Democrats are looking for somewhere to lay the blame, they need to start by looking in the mirror - all the Dems had to do was show up... they didn't, they lost.

Dana said...

I wonder if Gerry Butts or anybody else is noticing how easily support can be lost if you disillusion your base. Probably not.