Monday, November 07, 2016

Money + Politics = Support for Democracy

At least that's what finance minister, Bill Morneau, says whether he believes it or not.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is continuing to defend his fundraising activities, arguing that people who attend political fundraisers are supporting the democratic process and keeping good people in politics.

"What's happening at those fundraisers is, people are saying we support the democratic process. [They're saying] we think it's important that we have good people that go into public life and if we don't support them, we don't get good people in public life," Morneau said.

"It doesn't in any way suggest that the people that are going to a fundraiser have any different sort of access."

So, do your patriotic duty. Support democracy. Be sure to buy a ticket to Bill's next fundraiser. Hell, buy an entire table. You'll be glad you did and so will Canada's democracy. Besides it'll take your mind off the "job churn" that Bill sees in store for the grandkids.


Toby said...

Does that sense of entitlement come in bottles or cans? Does it pass inspections at the gate?

Morneau doesn't grasp how the rest of us interpret his greed.

Anonymous said...

Anyong....Toby "Does that sense of entitlement come in bottle or cans?" Funny! However, I think it comes with having a miniature thought capacity.