Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back to the Dictionary

Whenever you read something Conrad Black penned, it's a safe bet you'll be heading to the dictionary in the process.

Today's Globe has an account of an $11-million defamation suit being brought by Connie against Tom Bower, author of Conrad & Lady Black, Dancing on the Edge.

Lord Conrad of Crossharbour claims the book defames him and also does a real job on his wife, Barbara Amiel who, according to the Statement of Claim, is depicted as, "grasping, hectoring, slatternly, extravagant, shrill and a harridan."

Okay, so what's a harridan? Well one dictionary defines it as a "fierce, ill-tempered woman who is always scolding and disapproving." Synonyms: "shrew" and "hag".

In a newspaper retort last fall, Black wrote that Bowers "key-hole, smut-mongering side-piece portrayal of my wife as a man-eating sex maniac prior to her marriage to me is disgusting."

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Anonymous said...

Ya, she married Black for his delightful personality and sex appeal, ya right.

More likely - his "money" - she helped him spend it and steal it so to speak.