Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'll Bet He Won't See Another

Zimbabwe's Mugabe regime has banned all protests while the boss celebrates his 83rd birthday. Mugabe and wife, Grace, shown above, could barely conceal their joy at the event.

Zimbabwe set another first last week. Its inflation rate that had been languishing in the 1300 percent mark the week before shot up to a respectable 1600 per cent. Gradually Mugabe's state apparatus is falling apart. His soldiers and police officers continue to go AWOL.

The government reportedly has been skimming civil servants' wages and strongarming businesses for contributions to cover the cost of Mugabe's birthday celebrations. Meanwhile famine and disease is sweeping the country.

The price of bread shot up 136% yesterday alone. Four loaves equal an average farm worker's monthly wage.

Mugabe defiantly refuses to step down. One diplomat is reported to have said, "Mugabe, he's like King Canute, ordering the sea to go back."
I'll bet Mugabe will never see his 84th birthday. Tyrants of his kind usually get assassinated. Unfortunately, toppling Mugabe won't do much to help the people of Zimbabwe.

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S.K. said...

Oh it might. Zimbabwe was doing quite well before he came along.