Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spot the Differences

SPOT THE DIFFERENCES. One is honest, courageous, a real warrior, ferocious yet selfless, the ideal Canadian general. The other is ...well, he's "the other", right? You choose.


Anonymous said...

I don’t know what you are trying to imply. They are both honorable men that have performed an invaluable service to the Canadian armed forces.

evans said...

Yea,one of them watched and did nothing while people were being slaughtered,do I win a prize?

Anonymous said...

Gee Evans, your comment leads to Answer number 2!! Our own soldiers have been slaughtered.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hillier has yet to prove himself as a general. He's shown an appetite for politics. He apparently misled Martin in the first place. Remember when he said we were going to Kandahar to "kill scumbags" and assured us that the Taliban insurgents' strength was a few dozen at most? We're still there, with roughly the same size force (some tanks added), and we're sure not facing a "few dozen" Taliban. They've repeatedly proven themselves to be brave and determined fighters - not SCUMBAGS. This is Hillier's baby He wanted Kandahar so badly, wanted to transform the "image" of the Canadian army, that he took on that responsibility with a force vastly too small in numbers for that much territory. That's left us much too dependent on artillery and air strikes that, too often, strike civilians in the mix. generating brand new enemies for our soldiers.
No, Hillier has talked us into a counter-insurgency war that we're supposed to fight with a small, conventional combat brigade. We were supposed to be there to bring the war to a few dozen scumbags, remember? Instead we've got them in their hundreds and it's often those guys bringing their war to us.

As for Evans, you can only make that crack out of complete ignorance.