Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Powerfully Stupid Move

22-year old Prince Harry is expected to ship out to Iraq by the end of February.

It's reported he will join his regiment and serve in Basra in light armoured vehicles performing reconnaissance duties.

Members of Britain's Royal family have served in combat before. Prince Andrew flew helicopters in the Falklands while the fleet was under attack from Argentinian aircraft. However this would be the first time one got involved in counter-insurgency.

What a prime target for the insurgents. Sending a high-profile person into harm's way in Iraq seems astonishingly stupid. After all, this is the same combat zone where the likes of George Bush or Condi Rice can only stage surprise visits.


susansmith said...

And how many army personal will have to cover this guy's back which will have a big bullseye on it? But at least, in respect to the Royal family, they walk the talk, for that I have respect.

Anonymous said...

And how exactly are the insurgents going to identify him from amongst the thousands of other British troops in Iraq? The best they'd be able to do is shoot at random British troops and hope one of them was Harry.

The Mound of Sound said...

SorrTory. With the levels of infiltration and corruption within the Iraqi army and security forces, identifying the prince and his squad's movements would be fairly straightforward. No, there would have to be a lot of "special handling" for this young lieutenant.

The Sentinel said...

Maybe so, but I think it is still an important gesture and a brave one for the youngster.

Iraq is dangerous anyway, period, it can only get a little worse- but morale will be high.