Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Harpo Embraces AIDS Research

Leopards don't change their spots but snakes sure do shed their skins and so does our Furious Leader, Harpo. His old scales were damaged when he refused to attend the World Aids Conference in Toronto. The two-legged viper looked positively homophobic. There's one you can't afford to have hanging around your neck with an election looming.

What to do? How 'bout throwing some of that cash the Libs conveniently left you for a photo-op about AIDS?

The Harpster got with the programme yesterday announcing federal funding to the tune of $111-million to help build a research facility and assist researchers looking for a vaccine for AIDS. The Gates Foundation is topping that up with a further $28-million.

Our leader described the quest for an AIDS vaccine as one of the "greatest scientific challenges of our time." I guess that's why he left the funding initiative until he had an election in the wings.

Let's see - he's now getting the Quebec "nation" thing and he's now getting the global warming thing and he's now getting the AIDS thing, so what's next? Stay tuned to see Harpo shed his next skin.

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Anonymous said...

he could have done this during the AIDS Conference. He's only doing this now because Canadians are angry with him about that and knows it will be a "vote buyer".