Monday, February 19, 2007

A Good First Step

The group's name is admittedly geeky, the Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment, or GLOBE, but its heart seems to be in the right place.

The Guardian reports that, at a meeting last week in Washington, "Delegates agreed that developing countries would have to face targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions as well as rich countries.

"The meeting in Washington of the G8+5 Climate Change Dialogue also agreed that a limit should be decided for maximum acceptable carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, the NBC reported. A global market should be formed to cap and trade carbon dioxide emissions, they also said."

There's some hope that the group's principles of a global CO2 cap and bringing developing countries into the same, environmental regime may actually form the basis upon which nations can be encouraged to act both individually and collectively.

Senator Joe Lieberman told the meeting that the US Congress is about to act after many years of "denial and inaction. ...I want to make a prediction, which is that the Congress of the United States will enact a nationwide law mandating substantial reductions in greenhouse gases before the end of this Congress or early in the next," he said. This session of Congress ends late in 2008.

"Senator John McCain said the push to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that spur global climate change was a national security issue, and that voluntary efforts to limit these emissions from vehicles, power plants and other human sources 'will not change the status quo'."

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