Tuesday, February 20, 2007

If You Were Stephen Harper

How would you do it? How would you kill the public demand for action on global warming?

I don't believe for a minute that Harpo sees Kyoto as anything but a diabolical socialist scheme. Let's face it, our Furious Leader only turned green when he realized his anti-Kyoto crusade could forever wipe out any chance for him to get a majority government.

So, bowing to the inevitable, the Reform conservative became an overnight environmentalist, right? Yeah, right.

Say what you like about the guy, Harper is a shamelessly cynical man propelled by sharp political skills. Like his American Idol, he knows that saying one thing and doing another can pay off rather well.

So you've now positioned yourself as a global warming champion to bring yourself into line with public opinion. At this point you've got two choices - either deliver or persuade the public they really don't want you to deliver after all.

How do you go about killing the public outcry for action? There'll always be some clamour but it's enough if you can get the majority to come alongside.

You could always resort to the tried and true tactic of the right - fear. Tell the public wild tales about what Kyoto would do to them. Paint them a picture of living in mud huts with no lights or heat. Then come up with something you call an alternative plan, something riddled with ambiguity and escape clauses, something that will get you through the next election without having to rein in your buddies in Big Oil. A one-two punch - fear and confusion. That should do it.

I think Harpo's overnight, poll-driven conversion is a scam and, if that's right, what he comes up with will simply be a follow-on scam.

What do you think? How do you think he's going to handle the global warming issue?

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Anonymous said...

For a moment, I thought that you were talking about Jean Chretien.