Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You Asked, So Here It Is

I've been challenged by the anti-Kyoto types who visit this website to come up with the names of IPCC scientists. It seems that, until someone gives them actual identities, they'll construe the IPCC as some dark conspiracy to dupe the public about global warming.

Let's put this nonsense to rest. If you want identities, you can start here:

Contributing authors for WG1:

Reviewers for WG1:

I realize you're not going to bother to follow this up. If you were genuinely after names and credentials you would have made the simple effort to find this information yourself. You didn't which suggests you're more interested in your own delusions than getting to the facts.

By the way, for those who swooned at the Fraser Institute's ludicrous response to the IPCC report, check out the rebuttal posted at www.realclimate.org . You'll see how cheaply FI holds its own reputation.

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