Monday, February 19, 2007

We'll Be Long Gone By Then, Whew!

The good news: current estimates say the worst is probably centuries away. The bad news: current studies suggest there's an even chance that we've already passed the point of being able to stop it.

What they're focusing on is a major melt of both polar ice caps that would produce a sea level rise of four to six metres. Five years ago IPCC scientists assessed the risk as "very low." Now they're calling it an even bet - eventually.

The melting process could take centuries but it's already underway and there are already a number of areas in immediate danger of submergence. The Maldives, for example, isn't expected to exist by the end of the century. Bangladesh is extremely vulnerable to any rise in sea levels as are many low-lying cities - little hamlets like London, New York and Tokyo.

This development comes atop news that many British companies have been concealing their true greenhouse gas emissions to the tune of roughly 200-million tonnes of CO2 annually. An organization called Christian Aid reports that only 16 of Britain's top 100-companies are complying with the government's reporting guidelines.

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Anonymous said...

Christian Aid have just done a podcast from the launch event for this report - worth a listen