Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baird's Follies

Stephen Harper didn't choose John Baird as EnviroMin because of his commitment to the environment. Baird was given the job for any number of reasons, just not that one.

Canada's New Government, awash in cash thanks to Liberal management, has plenty of bucks to throw around but not to Baird's minions. A CBC report indicates that Baird's department has has "slashed spending on wildlife protection and monitoring of ecosystems because of budget problems at the federal environment ministry."

...a program monitoring the health of bird populations lost half its budget, while the budget for an operation that protects significant habitats for wildlife and birds was reduced to zero.

The network observing changes in ecosystems lost 80% of its budget.

The CBC noted that, despite its budgetary crisis, the environment ministry was able to scrape up $60,000 to hire a consultant to study why employee morale has tanked. Any guesses?

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Enna says>>>>Again..democracy is alive and well and working behind the sceens.