Thursday, September 27, 2007

Condi's Dead Giveaway

The much criticized US Climate Summit opened today with the very sort of remarks the critics expected.

The conference was opened by State Secretary Condi Rice who got her point across in saying that global warming could be combatted without having to "starve economies." The White House has already said that its initiative isn't about setting targets and certainly not about anything as meaningful as carbon caps. Instead it's a quest to explore reaching 1) an agreement on 2) a process to 3) find a solution to global warming. In other words its a stall to fend off anything approaching action for as long as humanly possible.

The David Suzuki Foundation called the U.S. process as "an empty charade." In attendance is Canada's enviromin John Baird who is undoubtedly eager to get the latest tips on confusing, undermining and dodging anything that might be a setback to Harper's march to Canadian energy superpowerdom.

This is a scam folks and the Harpies are in it up to their tar encrusted necks.

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