Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Hillary Ticking Time Bomb

It was never for public consumption but then it was leaked to the Washington Post, an in-house, Democratic party sponsored poll showing that both Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama would lose to Rudy Guiliani in 31- congressional swing districts.

The poll has Guiliani leading Clinton 49-39% in the swing districts. From the Telegraph:

Andy Arnold, a Democratic county chairman in Greenville, South Carolina - a key primary state - said: "I'd be a little bit dishonest if I didn't admit that in some parts of the country, and probably my own, having Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket will have some impact further down.

He added, however, that "whoever we nominate, the right-wing attack machine will make them into the devil by November 2008".

Frank Luntz, a leading Republican pollster, said: "This poll reveals what grassroots Democrats have been concerned about. Hillary is their choice ideologically but not necessarily politically and they're afraid she could lose.

She never admits she's wrong. There's a lack of candour and a harshness to her. She doesn't have any of the typical challenges of a female candidate but that is in itself a challenge.

"Rudy does better among independents than Hillary does and in the end the candidate that gets the majority of independents wins the election."


Oldschool said...

Shillary is a "socialist-whacko"
Imagine Bill as first-lady, prancing about the white-house fondling the interns.
Even some of the Dimmicrats can't stand her

The Mound of Sound said...

Sorry Preschool but Hillary is far from socialist, even in the US. Be polite and respectful or else your remarks will be binned.

Anonymous said...

Enna Says......Now there's a good one if I have ever heard one. Be careful or you will be "binned". Must remember that one when my students are next unruly.