Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is Phil Spector Going to Walk?

There are signs that the jury is hopelessly deadlocked in the Phil Spector murder trial. After deliberating for seven days without a verdict, the jury is going to get new guidance from the judge.

Superior Court Judge Larry Fidler, after denying a second defence motion for mistrial, has decided he will withdraw an instruction he gave the jurors before they began weighing the evidence. Fidler may well have wrecked the trial and he's certainly given the defence pretty good grounds for appeal if Spector is convicted.

The Los Angels judge says he'll withdraw an instruction that had said prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Spector pointed a gun at Clarkson and the gun ended up inside her mouth while in Spector's hand.


Red Tory said...

Such a deeply weird guy. I couldn't resist this sometime ago.

The Mound of Sound said...

"Deeply weird"? How dare you? One bad hair day (and it's not even his own) and everybody calls Phil a weirdo.