Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dion's Last Best Chance?

The Canadian people still don't want to give Stephen Harper a majority. That's the good news from the latest Canadian Press poll that shows the Libs and Tories tied in popular support.

In the wake of three by-election losses in Quebec, Stephane Dion needs all the good news he can get. What he also needs is to stop taking the public support for granted and finally put it to his and the party's benefit.

The poll wasn't much more than a reprieve. I doubt the numbers will be as favourable next time. This is very much Stephane Dion's defining moment. He has to show us that he has the ability and the desire to truly lead the Liberal Party. It's not enough for him to carry on as usual. He has to come up with a clear message that connects with the Canadian people.

The fate of the Liberal Party is in the hands of Stephane Dion. If he hasn't got the qualities to be a real leader there's nothing any of us can do about it. If he does have those qualities, it's time he showed it. This is his last best chance.

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