Friday, September 21, 2007

The Wrecking Crew

When you've got a country that needs wrecking, even if it's your own, you need the professionals, The Wrecking Crew. No matter how good, no matter how bad, we can - and will -make it worse and we guarantee it. And don't forget, The Wrecking Crew doesn't just do countries - be sure to ask about our Regional Rates too.

The Wrecking Crew, We Git'er Done!

Our Destructer In Chief

Some Really Angry Dude
Who Really Likes to Make Stuff Up

Mr. Shock & Awe

Screws Up Everything He Touches

No Human Rights Stand in His Way

Pull The String and She'll Say Anything

Him Too

Intelligence That Doesn't Just Suck
- It Blows

Who're You Looking At?
You Lookin' At Me?
Complete Psycho

Can Screw Up an Entire Country
In a Single Bound

Director of Applied Sycophancy

Chief of Defence Stooges

In House Gaydar
The Wrecking Crew, in business since 2000. Imagine where the world would be today without us!

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