Thursday, September 20, 2007

Screw the Bully Boys

What do Peter MacKay, Hamid Karzai and Robert Gates have in common? They're all trying to shame us into "staying the course" in Afghanistan.

Karzai is whining that the sky will fall down if we leave. Given the breathtaking lack of progress by his government in the six years since the (now resurgent) Taliban were driven out, Karzai's pleas sound increasingly self-serving.

Then there's this latest load of nonsense from US Defence Secretary Robert Gates:

"It will be a mark of shame on all of us if an alliance built on the foundation of democratic values were to falter at the very moment that it tries to lay that foundation for democracy elsewhere - especially in a mission that is crucial to our own security."

Sorry, Bob, but if Afghan democracy was so important to you guys why did you undermine any chance it had way back in 2002 when you drained all your forces and promised civil aid to indulge in your sandbox fantasies in Iraq? That, Bob, is a true "mark of shame" and it's all yours.

The shame is the six invaluable years and all the lives and goodwill associated with them that were squandered by our leaders since 2001.

"We want to be seen as an army of liberation and not an army of occupation...There is a half-life on our role here, you wear out your welcome at some point. It doesn't matter how helpful you are. We aren't here to stay." - David Petraeus on Iraq, November, 2003.

Screw these bully boys. All they've got left is to try to make us feel guilty when they're the ones who should bear all the guilt.

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