Saturday, June 23, 2012

For What?

That cagey prison shower look?

Ex-con, ex-financier, ex-Canadian Conrad Black is at it again, telling Canadians what's wrong with us and our country.

This time he used a podium opportunity to exhort Canada to "seize more global influence" in a world rocked by global instability and broad decline of the affluent states.   Black said this presents an invaluable opportunity for big resource exporters like Canada and Australia to step up and throw their newfound weight around.

As I read the news reports I was struck with the idea of Canada "seizing" anything.   Seize what exactly?   Seize it from whom?   Just what do we do with whatever we've seized once we've seized it?   What is there to seize that we really want in the first place?  Questions, questions, so many questions.

So vague and ill-defined was Conrad's quest that it was borderline Quixotic.   Yet it seemed to reveal a man whose character might be the love child of a shark and a turkey buzzard.

Remember it was the Prince of Darkness, Harper himself, who promised to elevate Canada on the world stage and yet has succeeded mainly in transforming Canada into a global pariah, a petro-schemer and saboteur of international consensus.   The Harper-Black formula would surely be a circus act of one step forward, two steps back.

Lord Black has delivered himself of a thoroughly unhelpful and unwanted opinion.   Perhaps it's time for his Lordship and his Lady to pack up their bags and head back for the Olympics.


double nickel said...

Every time the MSM write a story about CB, a puppy dies.

Anonymous said...

Harper most certainly needs no-ones help to become a fool. Canada is an absolute cesspool of corruption, because of Harper.

Harper started out, with a $13 billion surplus. Harper has Canada more in debt, than any other P.M. in Canadian history.

Harper was Policy Chief of his Northern Foundation Party, from 1989. They said, the skinheads assisted in organizing that shady party. Harper has links with Nazi Intellectuals and Christian Fundamentalist.

The demise of this country, is totally Harper's doings. Other country's despise Harper. Harper merging Canada in with Communist China, hasn't earned him any friends either.

Anonymous said...

Here is the real mo:

harper knows the same as conrad does.

thwap said...

Yes, seize what Black? Some poor people's pension fund?

STFU Black, you pompous oaf.

kootcoot said...

There is a picture of Lard Black of Crossdressing in the dictionary next to the definition of "prick."