Sunday, June 03, 2012

Think the F-35 is Dead? Think Again, Think Singapore.

When it comes to America's looming war in the Pacific, Canada's in.   That much became plain with the announcement that Harper DefMin, "Airshow" MacKay, is seeking to establish a Canadian military post in Singapore.

"This entire concept -- the buzzword is the pivot to the Pacific -- it's a recognition of the regional power dynamics here that do affect us, with China expanding and modernizing their military capabilities," Mr. Mac-Kay said.

To that end, Canada is looking at a cost-effective way of increasing its military footprint in the region, he said.

A military hub in Singapore would be similar to the arrangements it has reached with Kuwait and Jamaica, to give it military footholds in the Middle East and the Caribbean.

And just what geopolitical, military interest does Canada have in the far East?  I suppose we'll know just as soon as Washington sends its next batch of marching orders to Ottawa.   And, as noted here repeatedly, that's what the F-35 is all about, Canada's admission ticket to America's Foreign Legion.


sunsin said...

Uh-oh. Last time we were there was to defend Hong Kong for someone else's empire. Did.Not.End.Well.

The Mound of Sound said...

I wish there was someone, anyone, in Parliament willing to call Harper out on this. What possible justification does Canada have for extending our already over-burdened military into the far East? If America and India want to play containment with China there is no conceivable justification for Canada to take part of that action. Yet the NDP and the Libs are indifferent to this recklessness.

kootcoot said...

Of course the opposition would be called wussies, traitors and unpatriotic if they questioned Canada's role in aiding and abetting the Empire. Of course the traitors and unpatriotic ones, to Canada, are the assholes like Harper who want to be part of America's Foreign Legion - and give our resources to both sides!

Anonymous said...

Truer words were never said Koot. Can you see, Harper and MacKay taking Russia and China on? Those two country's are allies. Both of those country's, have giant military's.

Harper is dividing Canada up, between China and the U.S. Our manufacturing is mostly going to the U.S. China owns huge chunks of the tar sands. The U.S. will also have the Keystone pipeline, to take some of the tar sands. China owns BC mines, and of course the mill industry. I don't know what country's will own the seven new mines, going into Northern BC?

Harper is also permitting the foreign company's, to bring their people over, to work their vast holdings. China is bringing swarms over, to build the Enbridge pipeline.

Over 2/3 and counting. Canadians think Harper is behind the robo-call election fraud. He most certainly trying to quash that investigation.