Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Cowardly Governor-General

Ex G.G. Michaelle Jean agreed to prorogue Parliament in December, 2008 apparently because she was intimidated by our thug prime minister, Stephen Harper, and feared that the Tory slime machine would subvert Canadian democracy if she refused.

Constitutional scholar Peter Russell told this week that weighing on Ms. Jean’s mind at the time was the likelihood the Tories – had they lost office – would have poisoned confidence in the coalition government through a PR campaign framing the change as an illegitimate transfer of power.

The Conservatives, he told the Ontario-based news website, “have a huge publicity machine” at their fingertips.

“If a ‘no’ had come out of Rideau Hall and an attack launched on a Dion-Layton coalition that said we’ve had a coup d’etat in Canada,” he said, “we would have been there in the headlines of the world like Greece. [That’s] not very good for the country in any which way.”

As is already known, Ms. Jean also extracted pledges from Mr. Harper at the time: that he would bring back Parliament shortly and produce a budget to win sufficient support in the Commons.

Asked why she ultimately consented to Mr. Harper’s request, Mr. Russell said: “I think her reasons were that parliamentary democracy is going to be protected sufficiently to avoid a dangerous and dreadful crisis by giving an affirmative answer to the Prime Minister.”

Reached Monday by The Globe and Mail, Mr. Russell said he believes Ms. Jean was concerned about a Conservative backlash that could generate a crisis of confidence in Canada’s political system. “My best guess was that she was,” he said.

If Russell is even remotely correct then our prime monster flat out bullied the G.G. into capitulating to his demands to protect Canada from this animal and his machine.   Did she believe that really helped Canada?

ed.  This story came out last week but I sat on it because I wasn't sure what to make of it.  I'm still uncertain what it says of Michaelle Jean although I'm clear what it says of Steve Harper.


the salamander said...

I really appreciate seeing articles such as yours.. as the factual history of events slowly rises and we can finally (tho slowly) understand what has happened, and who the perpetrators were and are. Finley for example is now a Senator.. Ian Brodie is where ? Baird is Foreign Affairs now.. Jean remains ultra silent, employed by The United Nations.. Harper is a very large ideological-evangelical sitting target for infamy and possibly imprisonment.. assuming the black swan events take wing. To assume the man does not have bitter and numerous enemies within his own camp is unrealistic.

Peter Russell is a gem, and I for one had never heard of him. Watching his video presentation was a revelation... when he explained how Stephen Harper was misleading all of us prior to the 2011 election.. and the danger if he gained a majority.

This CBC report captures the overall basics.. plus many gems!

This link is an in depth interview with Peter Russell, more recent I believe.
Near the end he says he thinks Jean 'made the right call' .. I somehow think even he underestimated the level of outrage that we are now experiencing.

This link is John Baird circa 2008 explaining to a disbelieving Don Newman why The Harper Party will 'go over the heads of Parliament, over the head of the Governor General.

How the 2008 prorogue manipulated and defrauded us all is deeply connected to the beginnings of electoral phoning fraud in 2008 or even earlier.. and the subsequent massive & targeted electoral fraud of 2011. The tactics used against Irwin Cotler and his riding was another dark sign.. and the In/Out fraud, scandal and disgraceful wrist slap. We are now seeing the full blare and roar of a runaway petro-evangelical government that believes it can delete, amend or ignore.. or indeed silence the law.. to its convenience

i hope and believe we can see event timelines, connected to source documents and videos and quotes.. Yes, all the names, faces and titles.. the relationships, contracts, emails.. and what they have done.. so this Harper Government is forced to cease and desist.. and step down in the face of intensive investigations and a new election.

The black swans are taking flight.. but the dark events that preceded current outrages must be carefully and clearly revealed and illuminated... and shared among Canadians

kootcoot said...

"The Globe and Mail, Mr. Russell said he believes Ms. Jean was concerned about a Conservative backlash that could generate a crisis of confidence in Canada’s political system."

Well, the "crisis of confidence" is here in gory technicolor now. I refuse to consider Clueless Christy my premier, or Herr Harper my Prime Minister. They are both illegitimate!

It is the fire breathing, raised with dinosaurs for pets, HarperCons who have so far been successful in staging a coup d'tat.

The Mound of Sound said...

Terrific links, Salamander, thanks.

Anonymous said...

The only REAL question is: Why weren't the coup plotters arrested and tried for treason once lawful government was restored?

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Anon 6:34. Why weren't the "coup plotters arrested and tried for treason"? Because only morons like you would imagine their coalition proposal remotely treasonous. A trial would have shown it entirely constitutional. The arrangement they were proposing, after all, was the very same arrangement that kept Harper's Aussie bum buddy, John Howard, in power. It takes someone as profoundly ignorant of our country as you to suggest something treasonous about this. It takes a lot of people like you to keep Harper in power. Now shut your gaping maw, go to the library and borrow some books on Canadian parliamentary democracy, and try to lift yourself out of your dismal ignorance.