Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why Did Lincoln Insist on Keeping These Morons in the Union?

North Carolina recently caused snickers when its state assembly legislated against sea level rise.  Their ordinance stipulated that future sea level rise must be calculated on historic results, not on today's accelerated rates.

Now it's Virginia's turn.

Earlier this year the state of Virginia paid $50,000 for a study on the potential effects of climate change and sea level rise on the state's coastline.
Only one problem: The report's authors weren't allowed to use terms like "climate change" and "sea level rise" because state lawmakers feared a backlash from the state's Republicans and Tea Partiers.

[Lawmakers] discovered that they could not use the phrases "sea level rise" or "climate change" in requesting the study, in part because of objections from Republican colleagues and also for fear of stirring up conservative activists, some of whom believe such terms are liberal code words.

On its website, for example, the Virginia tea party described the proposed "sea level rise" study this way: "More wasted tax dollars for more ridiculous studies designed to separate us from our money and control all land and water use."

So, what did the report authors have to substitute for "sea level rise"?   Try, "recurrent flooding."

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