Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The Debasement of John Kelly Continues

This jackass has ridden his four stars into the dirt. Having made a fool of himself over his remarks on the Civil War that aped his fuhrer's comments, the "good people on both sides" and Robert E. Lee was a good man bullshit, this Jarhead has doubled down, parroting Trump's call for an investigation into Hillary Clinton.

In a Fox News interview, John Kelly said he thought an investigation was needed into funding from Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC for the research behind the Trump/Russia dossier, and Clinton's involvement in the Uranium One deal.

"The American people really do have a right to know what their government does… have a right to know what their government is doing on any given day, and by this same token what private citizens are doing if they break the law," he said.

Why it matters: As Peter Baker noted in a recent NY Times piece, Kelly was until recently viewed as a fairly apolitical figure. With comments like these, that's clearly no longer the case.


Anonymous said...

Kelly was not as dodgy a character as Flynn, but he was no choirboy either. In my view, Kelly's aggressive oversight of Gitmo was a significant blot on his military career. In 2013, Kelly was faced with a peaceful hunger strike of detainees protesting their indefinite detention despite being neither charged nor convicted of crimes. He responded by having guards strap a quarter of Gitmo's detainees to chairs and force-feed them using tubes shoved up their noses and into their stomachs. The ICRC and the UN recognize the right of prisoners to go on a hunger strike and have called force-feeding a violation on the ban of cruel, inhumane, and degrading punishment. That incident alone should have disqualified Kelly from overseeing ICE, which holds people in custody on immigration matters, but it likely made Kelly an ideal choice in Trump's eyes.

But what was left of Kelly's reputation vanished soon after he agreed to work for Trump. Just about everything Trump's involved in sooner or later turns to shit, and so does the reputation of anyone stupid enough to enter his orbit. Look at the people Trump has already spit out of his administration. With the possible exception of Bannon, they've all been lessened by the experience. Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate should be posted over the White House door.


John B. said...

I'm not surprised. This pathetic offering from a few months ago provided a hint that Kelly had it in him to smoke it up for a thug like Trump:

the salamander said...

.. Kelly dumped out his 'shock n awe
I'm the old combat dude..
seen it all, done it all, got the t-shirt
buried my friends..' schtick..

Welcome to war.. death n maiming
but really, welcome for public deflection
pimped to MainMedia as smoke screen for Trump..

It was cavalier, situational ethics at its best..
impassioned sombre droning
on how the war dead are transported
You know.. enbalmed, dressed in full dress..
packed in ice..

Last I looked, after the valor n glory
dying in battle is just that..
You're dead.. done.. a military asset
put into the theatre of war & expended

Kelly's a bitter, lost & flawed 'military caste' 4 star

We will see how the military upper crust
ie the colonels, sub skippers n crew
the admirals etc.. react.. it won't be obvious

Unless one studies the subtle actions of Staff Sergeants
you'll miss their fine hand
& that of their lieutentants majors n colonels ..

The vast US war machine - what.. in 172 countries currently?
is itself a deeply factional entity
responding to or initiating 'conflict' ..
in some cases just to defend oil or mineral assets