Sunday, June 22, 2008

3 in 10 Americans Admit Racial Bias

And it's a safe bet most of them will be voting for John McCain in November.

The Washington Post and ABC News conducted a poll in which three in ten interviewed admitted to harbouring some racial bias. Not surprisingly, slightly more Afro-American respondents, 34%, admitted to holding some racial bias.

The good news for Obama, if it's credible, is that nine in ten white respondents said they would be comfortable with a black president. Half that number said they would be comfortable with someone coming into the Oval Office at age 72.

The overall responses make it obvious that Obama will have to overcome a significant racial bias if he's to win in November.

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Anonymous said...

actually the reality of the situation is not good for obama, that a high number who actualy said they would not vote for a black president, buuuut....would you say, I would not vote for someone because he is black, to a reporter, if asked or would you wait, till you get in the voting booth?