Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wherrrrrres Johnny?

Legendary Johnny Carson sidekick and infomercial pitchman Ed McMahon is on the verge of getting booted out of his home.

Question. How does a guy at 85 still owe almost $5-million on his mortgage?

In any case McMahon has fallen into default on the $4.8-million he owes the mortgage company and is desperately trying to flog the property. A spokesman said Ed broke his neck 18-months ago and hasn't been able to work since, leaving him without an income to service the mortgage debt.

Okay, but. McMahon recently bagged a $7.2-million win against his insurance company for a claim that his house developed mold which led to the death of his dog Muffin and sickened Ed and Mrs. McMahon. Okay, $7.2-million minus $4.8 million ought to leave you with clear title to your $6.5 million dollar home and a tidy $2.4-million in spending money left over. Maybe it's not the Publishers Clearinghouse grand prize but it's still pretty decent.

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