Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bush Court Pays Off Big Time for Exxon

Next year will be the 30th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez disaster in Aslaska's Prince William Sound. The tanker Valdez struck a rock, causing the worst oil spill in American history. The effects are still being felt.

In 1994 a jury awarded the state and affected parties a $5-billion judgment against Exxon. An Alaska appeals court then trimmed that - by half - down to $2.5-billion.

Today the Bush court voted 5-3 to transform Exxon's smackdown into a pat on the bottom, lowering the punitive damages award to $500-million. That's trimming 90% off the punitive damages the jury sought to impose. That works out to just under $50 per gallon of spilled oil in punitives.


Oldschool said...

The FACT the Exon spent 5 Billion cleaning things up is of no consequense . . . right.
Go to Alaska today, is it still covered with oil? Of course not . . . oil is a natural occuring substance, microbs eat it.
Your faulty logic is amazing . . . Bush appointed 2 judges . . . and its a Bush court??? You have been reading you own stuff way too long!!!

The Mound of Sound said...

"Microbs" Preschool? Those are the things that've been eating away at everything between your ears.

Before you shoot your mouth off, do a bit of research about the ongoing effects of the Valdez spill.

You have to stop abusing the privilege of stupidity.

Johnathon said...

This is why you are so fucking demented and just plain dumb.

In 1 post today your talking about how the supreme court did the right thing and then in the next post your calling it Bush's court.

With the events the last few weeks regarding the muslims at guantanamo, you must realize that this court is not Bush's court.

If it was, it would surely find in favor of Bush regarding Guantanamo and those god damn muslims.

You gotta get the cocaine outta your lungs, you fucking retard.

Anonymous said...

Criminals let off the hook again by the Bu$h system of justice.
They should pay the $5B seeing how they're getting access to Iraqs'
oil again, no Saddam to get in the way this time, thnks to Bu$h. And the Afghan pipeline Bu$h wanted is being built and protected by NATO forces under the guise of fighting terror.

Unknown said...

Okay, I am so sick of the rants of old tool and johnadumb. You complain about what is written about here? Don't read it. And take your illiterate childish insults to the schoolyard or do the work and start your own blog. Crips. Mound, another great post - as usual. Keep on top of things that is current and hell, it's your blog - write what you like! You should probably delete the crude, useless comments of those two.

Anonymous said...

Any company that does anything to distroy the environment ought to be held accountable for its transgressions including Tim Mellon who owns ExxonMobile which is Esso in Canada. Shareholders who have shares in any company should also be held responsible. A. Morris

Anonymous said...

Shareholders who have shares in any company should also be held responsible when companies fail to clean up their mess.. A. Morris