Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Draco Reborn - Harpo's Copyright Law

I don't use the internet to download music or movies. I prefer to own the CD or DVD and keep it in my own collection but, then again, I pick and choose and can afford what I buy. So much for me.

What of those who do download and participate in file-sharing services? According to the National Spot, the Harperites are moving to stomp on them with both boots. It seems the government's updates to the Copyright Act will introduce a fine of $500 for each and every illegal file transferred online. 500 bucks a pop - if you're caught or if someone in the ranks of Harper's faceless political commissars wants you or your kid caught.

Get this. Those Reformatory stiffs are also going to make it illegal to "unlock" your cell phone! If you bought it from Rogers or Telus or Fido, so long as you have that phone you're a slave to Rogers or Telus or Fido. Get real. There are plenty of reasons to unlock a cell phone. If you're travelling abroad an unlocked phone lets you buy a local SIM card and take the benefit of local, long-distance rates instead of the usurious roaming charges Canadian cellular companies levy.

Here's a question. I just bought a cell phone on ebay and it's already unlocked. Is that going to make me some sort of outlaw when I go shopping for a Canadian carrier or if I decide to later switch? By the way, if you're looking for a cell phone do check ebay because you can often get one for a small fraction of the best price you'll get from a Canadian cellular provider even with a longterm plan.

There's yet another damned good reason to get rid of Harper and his punks. Harper may be content to bend over for the cellular providers so long as he gets a reacharound out of it but there's no reason the rest of us should tolerate their little lovefest.


WesternGrit said...

Cyberspace will have to be part of the new battleground against the Cons. The Liberal government was fine with the fees paid to the recording industry via the levy on CDroms, DVD-R's, etc. Should the recording industry give all that money back now? Did the Cons put in a contingency for that, or do they wish to continue to rape taxpayers?

As far as the cellular issue, what a joke. In the EU, and in Asia, you buy your own "unlocked" phone. This is just a move to placate their friends at Telus, and Ted Rogers. Telus being an Alberta company (despite a head office in Van), has a lot of friends in the Alberta Reform movement.

I will continue to buy my mobiles online - Craiglist, EBay, etc. A person can also buy brand new phones directly from Nokia.

Good post.

Anonymous said...

What email address can I use to write to our so called PM. What a joke. Here in Asia, all cell phones are unlocked. People travel all over and want the convenience of using another countries system. A. Morris

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi AM. I only wish it was a joke. If you want to let Harper know what you think I believe this e-mail address still works: